Welcome to The Society for Bird Protection and Nature Conservancy in the river Nedre Dalälven area.

Photo or study eagles from a comfortable hide.


We offer photography and studies of eagles from a hide at the Färnebofjärden National Park on the river Nedre Dalälven in Sweden. A vast, unspoilt wilderness only 150 kilometres from Stockholm and the Mälaren area.


Our hide is situated in a very beautiful and undisturbed area, has room for four photographers and is equipped with comfortable chairs, a good heater and a toilet. There are also two berths if you want to take a rest. You can stay here from about one hour before dawn and as long as you want the same day.


In a good day up to 5 golden eagle and 40 White-tailed Eagles can be seen simultaneously on and around the carrion, which is situated about 30 metres from the hide. Several Golden Eagles and Northern Goshawks and lots of Ravens are also regularely seen. Near the carrion there are some dead trees where the birds can sit when they are not feeding and where they can be even more photogenique.

Ural and Pygmy Owl, Black and Grey-headed Green Woodpecker and lekking Black Grouse can also be seen or heard from the hide, especially during late February and March . Red Fox, Boar, Roe Deer and Moose- and with great luck even Lynx – can also appear in the vicinity.