The society for bird protection and nature conservancy in the river Nedre Dalälven area was founded in 2010 by the ornithologists and environmentalists who are most active with bird censuses, bird protection and nature concervancy in the Nedre Daläven area, especially the Färnebofjärden National Park with surroundings. One of the society´s projects is the eagle feeding close to the village of Gysinge.

The goals for the eagle feeding are

  • To help White-tailed and Golden Eagle with poison-free food during the winter
  • To increase the engagement for eagles and the protection of them
  • To check the banded (ringed) eagles to contribute to the knowledge of the status and movements od these species.


The hide was built with contributions from the Swedish Society for the Protection of Nature, Leader nedre Dalälven and the Uppland Foundatio.


The eagle food is donated from Roslagsfisk in Grisslehamn and Vinnersö Gårdsslakteri in Vinnersjö. 


Most pictures in this website are taken by Hasse Andersson, Sandviken, Sweden.